City Wide Plumbing recommends Navien tankless hot water heaters

City Wide Plumbing recommends Navien tankless hot water heaters for your residential and commercial needs.

Why is a Navien tankless water heater a great choice?

Navien tankless water heaters feature a stainless steel heat exchanger, which lasts much longer than a copper heat exchanger in other tankless water heaters. Dual stainless steel heat exchangers extend the life of the unit by resisting corrosion.

In residential systems, Navien offers 1 year warranty on labor, 5 year on parts, and 15 years on the heat exchanger.

Because a Navien tankless heater uses ½” gas pipe and 2” PVC venting, you’ll save on installation costs – it can be installed in about half the time as competitors’ tankless heaters.

You’ll get endless streams of hot water since there’s not a capacity tank!

Tankless water heaters often last twice as long as tank water heaters

The NPE model was the first gas water heater to be Energy Star certified, and is the most energy efficient* tankless water heater in the industry.

Other options for your tankless hot water heater include:

Wi-fi remote control system:
This add-on accessory will let you use your smartphone or tablet to control temperatures remotely, access usage data and receive diagnostic notifications on your Navien product.

Navien Hot Button:
The Navien HotButton activates the internal recirculation pump and gas fired burner to heat up the water in the supply lines. This will give you hot water when they need it, saving water and saving you money.

Navien ComfortFlow tankless hot water heaters are the first and only systems that utilize a built-in insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump. The buffer tank eliminates the bursts of cool water you get with other systems and eliminates minimum flow rates you’ll find in other tankless water heaters. You’ll also save money – the recirculation pump saves on water bills by reducing the time to get hot water. Condensing tankless water heaters are so efficient that they outperform much larger capacity non-condensing competitors.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters Benefits

When you get more output for the money, lower installation costs and lower operating costs, you know that a Navien tankless hot water heater is a smart choice.

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