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Direct Vent Gas

Residential Power Direct Vent Gas Models

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Residential Power Direct Vent Gas Models installed By City Wide Plumbing, your local Arizona source for hot water now! Call City Wide Plumbing now for a free hot water heater estimate. 480 966 8795

Bradford White has a new PDX1 Power Direct Vent models. Combined with our successful PDX2 series models, Bradford White now offers the most complete line of Power Direct Vent models in the industry.direct vent gas water heater

These new water heaters were developed in response to customer requests and offer the following features:

A 40 and 50 gallon gas capacities with 40,000 BTU/hr inputs.

B Smaller diameter for tighter installation situations

C A more durable cast aluminum air intake boot design.

D Lower price points compared to the higher performance PDX2 models.


Power Direct Vent models are ideal for installations which lack sufficient air for combustion, such as new construction homes or additions which are tightly insulated. These models use a twin pipe system where combustion air is drawn from outside the building in one pipe, and combustion products are expelled to the outside in another pipe. An added advantage of the Power Direct Vent design is that they save on energy costs by using unconditioned air from outside the building instead of conditioned air (either heater or cooled) from inside the building.

PDX1 models use commonly available 2″ or 3″ PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe for air intake and exhaust, which can greatly reduce the overall installed cost compared to other systems which use more expensive vent materials. Also, an optional 2″ Concentric Vent Kit, which requires only one penetration through the roof or wall, is available.

We are the warranty agent for these products; we sell service and install Bradford White water heaters.

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