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Go With “Low Flow” for Savings

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Water in Scottsdale is precious, so saving water also means saving on your water bill. Here are some ways that you can save:

Save water with air.

Using aerator attachments on your faucets and showerheads can help you save water and money. Aerators add air into the water flow. More air in the water flow allows you to use less water without noticing a drop in water pressure.  Aerators can range in price from $7 to $12 online. They can pay for themselves within the first month, depending on your water use. Attach each one to your existing fixtures. Most brands install in seconds without needing special tools.low-flow-aeration

When it’s time for a new faucet or showerhead, many newer fixtures feature built-in aerators. A special “low flow” label on the packaging will tell you which ones are designed to help you save.

Always keep fixtures clean and accessible. That way, if there’s a leak, you’ll be able to spot it immediately. Small leaks can turn into big ones quicker than you may think. If your leak needs more than new washers on the faucet handles, call a plumber at City Wide 480-966-8795.

Save water with every flush. Low-flow toilets use less water. It’s not just about a smaller tank size. Newer technology around the tank includes a variable water pressure mechanism. It clears the bowl in one flush. And one flush will do it. Gone are the days when you needed more than one. After all, two or three times defeated the water-saving purpose!

Hot water tanks can be a big drain.

Install a tankless water heater near your biggest hot water need. For a lot of families, it’s the bathroom that benefits the most. A tankless system supplies hot water on-demand. Turn the water on and you’ve got hot water instantly. You’ll save by not having to run the water and then wait for it to get hot. It’s at the ready when you are. You can also downsize on your next hot water tank, helping you save energy, too.

Talk to the experts at City Wide.

They can help you find more ways to save on your water bill, and deliver same-day service. Estimates are free and there’s never a travel charge.


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