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Gas Water Heaters

4 Steps to Flush Out Your Water Heater

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1-Turn Off Water Supply

If you have a gas heater turn the thermostat to the “pilot” setting, if your heater is electric turn off the power at the breaker box. Connect a hose to the drain valve located close to the thermostat, but do not open the valve yet. Turn off the cold water supply that feeds the water heater.

2-Drain the Hot Water

In order to prevent a vacuum from forming in the water line, go inside your home and open up one of the hot water faucets in one of your sinks or tubs. Go back to the water heater and open up the drain valve to drain hot water out of the tank. Make sure the other end of the hose is draining in a safe location, an outside driveway would be ideal.

3-Flush Out Remaining Sediment

Once the water stops flowing out of the far end of the hose turn the water supply back on. This will flush out any remaining sediment left behind in the heater. Once the water runs clear from the end of the hose close the drain valve. Dont forget to turn the hot water faucet inside your house back off.

Every water heater tank is different and you should always read the warnings and instructions in order to prevent damage.

4-Test the Pressure Release Valve

After the tank has filled with water turn the power supply back on at the breaker box or thermostat. Once the water temp has been brought back up, test the pressure relief valve per manufacturers instructions. This valve is designed to prevent overheating and excess pressure build up inside the tank. If it is faulty contact City Wide Plumbing to have it replaced.

City Wide Plumbing

Servicing Phoenix AZ and the surrounding area for more than 30 years, City Wide has all the tools and expertise necessary to assist you with whatever plumbing problem you may encounter. Licensed, bonded and insured, contact City Wide and let our plumbing professionals take care of all your plumbing needs. Servicing these East Valley Cities and many more, Tempe, Apache Junction, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, Higley, Sun Lakes and The Metro Phoenix Area.

How the New 2015 Water Heater Regulations Affect You

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Starting April 16, 2015 the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) will be completely changing the water heater landscape. Calling for significant changes to water heater energy factor requirements, this will affect virtually all residential gas, electric, and oil water heaters.

These new regulations will end up saving customers money all year long. according to the US. Department of Energy website these new standards will save approximately $63 Billion in energy bills for products shipped from 2015-2044.

How does this affect me?

As a Phoenix AZ homeowner you have much to gain from the new efficiency regulations. Savings on energy and money can be considerable with the compliant products. In most cases the new water heaters will easily replace the majority of existing products, only being 1-2 inches taller and wider due to additional insulation. However in some rare cases where available space is inadequate the new water heater will need to be placed in a different location.

If this is the case City Wide Plumbing can help with a custom installation. These are more costly as they usually require new water piping and possible gas line or electric service.

What should I do?

Take care of your current water heater, as of right now the average lifespan of a water heater is 7-10 years, call City Wide today to schedule a check-up. If you think you are due for a new water heating unit we recommend you act sooner rather than later. City Wide Plumbing can provide custom installation and competitive pricing on many water heater choices. Our professional plumbers will be able to tell which product will fit your home and lifestyle. Licensed, bonded and insured we have all the tools and expertise to help with any water heating problem or question you may have.

If a natural gas pipeline is damaged, ruptured or leaking:

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If a natural gas pipeline is damaged, ruptured or leaking:


  • Move to a safe location and call 911 and Southwest Gas at 1-877-860-6020 immediately, day, or night.
  • Communicate requested information to Southwest Gas emergency dispatch.
  • Secure the area and keep others from entering.
  • Eliminate sources of ignition.
  • Wait for fire department and Southwest Gas emergency crews to arrive,
  • Visit swgas.com/saftey for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


  • Do not attempt to repair any damage or control the flow of natural gas.
  • Do not start or stop and engine or attempt to move equipment.
  • Do not enter the area where natural gas is escaping or allow others to enter.
  • Do not smoke, strike a match, turn on or off any electrical switches.
  • So not attempt to extinguish a fire should ignition occur
  • Do not leave the scene of the incident until assistance has arrived.

Courtesy of Southwest Gas

Residential Power Direct Vent Gas Models

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Residential Power Direct Vent Gas Models installed By City Wide Plumbing, your local Arizona source for hot water now! Call City Wide Plumbing now for a free hot water heater estimate. 480 966 8795

Bradford White has a new PDX1 Power Direct Vent models. Combined with our successful PDX2 series models, Bradford White now offers the most complete line of Power Direct Vent models in the industry.direct vent gas water heater

These new water heaters were developed in response to customer requests and offer the following features:

A 40 and 50 gallon gas capacities with 40,000 BTU/hr inputs.

B Smaller diameter for tighter installation situations

C A more durable cast aluminum air intake boot design.

D Lower price points compared to the higher performance PDX2 models.


Power Direct Vent models are ideal for installations which lack sufficient air for combustion, such as new construction homes or additions which are tightly insulated. These models use a twin pipe system where combustion air is drawn from outside the building in one pipe, and combustion products are expelled to the outside in another pipe. An added advantage of the Power Direct Vent design is that they save on energy costs by using unconditioned air from outside the building instead of conditioned air (either heater or cooled) from inside the building.

PDX1 models use commonly available 2″ or 3″ PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe for air intake and exhaust, which can greatly reduce the overall installed cost compared to other systems which use more expensive vent materials. Also, an optional 2″ Concentric Vent Kit, which requires only one penetration through the roof or wall, is available.

We are the warranty agent for these products; we sell service and install Bradford White water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters for Local Phoenix Service Area

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There is help for local Phoenix residents with Gas water heaters.

If you have a gas water heater and you are not getting any hot water, it usually means the pilot light on your water heater has gone out or your water heater has a malfunctioning part.

If you have tried to light your pilot and it still won’t light give us a call 480-966-8795 and a City Wide Plumbing technician who will diagnose the problem and let you know what the solution is. Most often we have same day service and parts available to fix your water heater.

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