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Licensed Professional Plumber

What to Look for in a Good Plumber

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Whether you’re in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa, a good plumber is hard to find.

Here are some tips to help you find the right plumbing repair solution in your Arizona town:

Good plumbers in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler AZ.

  1. Insured and licensed. You’ll want to know your prospective plumbing contractor has the right training and credentials. In Arizona, the Registrar of Contractors has a simple search that lets you confirm licensing and verify credentials. View it here to begin your search: http://azroc.gov/forms/contractorsearch.html

Typically, licensed plumbers who own their own business carry insurance. After all, even the best plumbers know to be prepared, just in case. When in doubt, ask.

  1. Now with Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, it’s easy to find references, view previous jobs and get into contact with previous customers. Pay special attention to projects that s

    eem bigger, but you’ll also want to know how well your prospective plumber handles small projects, too. For example, check out water heater replacements and water softener installation as well as major plumbing repairs like township backflow prevention.

You might want to talk to other types of contractors as well. Construction owners as well as electricians often work closely with other trades on new builds or even on restoration projects, and get to know other contractors. Trades people can usually tell you if a plumber takes time to do the project right and is detailed and thorough.

  1. How long has the plumbing company been in business? What’s the rating with the Better Business Bureau? Brand-new plumbing companies won’t have a rating, but check references by the plumber’s name. You’ll learn how long he or she’s been licensed and maybe some additional information on references, too.
  1. Talk to more than one plumber and set up a time for them to review your job in person. Even if you’re a former plumber yourself, you know that seeing for yourself is better than having someone describe it to you in an email or over the

    phone. You might think you’re in the market for a brand-new reverse osmosis system, when a smaller replacement part could be the answer. Face-to-face interviews are important when you want to find the right person for the job.

  1. Get more than one quote, and get it in writing. That way, you can compare the line items, ask questions and talk through any parts of the job that concern you. If money is going to be your deciding factor, make sure that the quotes you’re comparing are for the same amount of work. If there’s a big price difference between them, ask why so you understand how pricing can differ – it could be as simple as the quality of parts, or as complicated as a new company low-balling a bid just to get the work. When in doubt, ASK.

We’re available for you plumbing problems and your plumbing questions today. Call us at 480-966-8795.

How the New 2015 Water Heater Regulations Affect You

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Starting April 16, 2015 the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) will be completely changing the water heater landscape. Calling for significant changes to water heater energy factor requirements, this will affect virtually all residential gas, electric, and oil water heaters.

These new regulations will end up saving customers money all year long. according to the US. Department of Energy website these new standards will save approximately $63 Billion in energy bills for products shipped from 2015-2044.

How does this affect me?

As a Phoenix AZ homeowner you have much to gain from the new efficiency regulations. Savings on energy and money can be considerable with the compliant products. In most cases the new water heaters will easily replace the majority of existing products, only being 1-2 inches taller and wider due to additional insulation. However in some rare cases where available space is inadequate the new water heater will need to be placed in a different location.

If this is the case City Wide Plumbing can help with a custom installation. These are more costly as they usually require new water piping and possible gas line or electric service.

What should I do?

Take care of your current water heater, as of right now the average lifespan of a water heater is 7-10 years, call City Wide today to schedule a check-up. If you think you are due for a new water heating unit we recommend you act sooner rather than later. City Wide Plumbing can provide custom installation and competitive pricing on many water heater choices. Our professional plumbers will be able to tell which product will fit your home and lifestyle. Licensed, bonded and insured we have all the tools and expertise to help with any water heating problem or question you may have.

Hard Water vs Soft Water

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Many homes in Phoenix AZ have water softeners as Arizona is known for having some of the hardest water in the country. Hard water is easiest to detect when doing household chores. It leaves clothes looking dingy as well as water spots and residue on dishes, and is tougher on your appliances. The elements in hard water do not react well with soap leaving the lather less rich and bubbly, even hair washed in hard water can feel sticky and dull.

Hard Water Image

Natural rainwater falls in a soft state, as it is absorbed in the ground and our waterways it picks up minerals like lime, calcium, chalk and magnesium. Some people prefer drinking hard water because of the health benefits of the minerals contained in the water. As the minerals are removed from hard water during the softening process the sodium content increases, thus some people also prefer the taste of hard water over soft water.

Benefits of Soft Water

Installing a water softener will prolong the life of your appliances. Taking the elements out of the hard water allows your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater to work less hard. Because of this energy bills are noticeably lower in homes with water softeners. Soap will lather better and items will be left cleaner. Clothes and skin will be softer, hair will look healthy and glasses will sparkle.

Soft water is not suggested for those with heart or circulatory problems, or others who may be on a low sodium diet.

City Wide Plumbing

For water softener repair, maintenance or installation let the plumbing professionals at City Wide take care of it. Servicing Phoenix and the surrounding area for over 30 years, City Wide Plumbing has all the tools and expertise necessary to handle any plumbing problem you may encounter. Licensed, bonded and insured, contact City Wide Plumbing at (480) 966-8795 and schedule a water softener check-up today.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

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A traditional water heater continually heats water in a tank regardless of whether its being used.  By comparison the newer tankless water heater designs heat water only when there is a demand for it.  Meaning it only heats water when you turn on your hot water tap or your showers hot water knob. This type of water heating system has been popular in Europe and Japan for quite some time and is just now gaining steam in the United States. Why is this significant to you? Keep reading. As a Phoenix, AZ homeowner, the advantages will be very clear shortly.

Whole House vs Point of Use Systems

The whole house system can supply hot water to more than one plumbing fixture.  The point of use system is small enough to fit in a cabinet and will only supply hot water to a specific plumbing fixture. If you want hot water in the kitchen and in the shower you will need two point of use systems. The whole house system can be connected to your dishwasher, shower, and kitchen faucet etc.

The Tankless Advantages

30% of the average homes energy budget is consumed by heating water. A tankless water heating system demands less energy and only heats water as needed. Here is what you have been waiting for: It will not only save you money on your electricity bill but on your water bill as well. Tankless heating systems are known to last as long as 20 years almost doubling that of a traditional heater of 7-10 years. The maintenance and repair on tankless systems is also less demanding saving you money on repair expenses and your valuable time.

City Wide Plumbing

If you need help deciding if a tankless system will fit all your hot water needs contact City Wide Plumbing at 480-966-8795. Let our plumbing professionals help with all your water heating system needs, from installation, to maintenance and repair. City Wide Plumbing has been your local Valley plumber for over 30 years. Licensed, bonded and insured, we have all the tools and experience necessary to help you, the Phoenix, AZ homeowner with all of your plumbing needs.

Why Use a Licensed Plumber?

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What is a Plumbing License?

A plumbing license is basically a certificate that the plumber has sufficient education and training as well as legal permission to offer plumbing services in your state. It also means the plumber is responsible to the regulatory board that issues the license and can be held accountable for violating its rules.

How do You Get a Plumbing License?

In order to become a licensed plumber you must have a highly specialized skill set involving math, manual dexterity, and sharp problem solving abilities. Professional plumbers also spend thousands of hours working in apprenticeships, in order to learn the best methods and practices for dealing with all types of plumbing repairs and installations. After their apprenticeship they must:

-Pass a criminal background check
-Complete any additional required training
-Pass a licensing exam
-Show proof of commercial liability insurance
-File for a business name

Unlicensed Contractors

If you hire an unlicensed contractor you have no proof the plumber has completed any of the above requirements. The difference between a licensed and unlicensed contractor is vast, and could end up costing you a lot of grief and money in the long run.

Why Should I use a Licensed Professional?

The most important reason to use a licensed professional plumber is for you and your family’s safety. City codes and permits are in place for the safety of the members of a community. The quality of work in your home must be maintained and if it isn’t, your home and therefor your family could be at risk. A licensed plumber must know all the state and city codes for all commercial and residential plumbing work, as well as all safety codes that apply.

City Wide Plumbing

Licensed in the state of Arizona since 1982, City Wide Plumbing has been servicing the valley for over 30 years. When you are in need of a licensed professional call City Wide and let us solve any plumbing problem you may have.

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