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Clearing Sewer Lines

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Here is a SMART TIP from The Ultimate Guide to Plumbing by Merle Henkenius

Clearing the underground sewer line between your house and the street is NOT for most homeowners as it can be very tricky.

You want to be careful not to break the  cable from the auger off into the sewer service. You can do this by listening very carefully  to the motor, feeling and listening to the resistance of the cable so that you can sense the difference between tree roots, a broken pipe, piping offsets and the juncture of private sewer service and public sewer main.

Actually, you are probably best to call a professional.  We just happen to be professionals. Call City Wide Plumbing and Service Company at 480-966-8795 today!




Should You Consider Using a Home Warranty Company?

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Home warranty companies are great but are not always the best option when dealing with homewarranty-plumbingplumbing repairs. They only pay the plumbing company that comes out a certain amount, some plumbing companies may try to take advantage of the consumer by up selling them on items that are not needed and not covered under the warranty. Example, the warranty company may cover the replacement of a water heater, the plumbing company that comes out will then tell the customer that the T & P line is not up to code and will charge the customer hundreds of dollars to “fix” the issue. 9 times out of 10 the T & P line is not a legitimate problem.

It’s always best to shop around when you need a plumbing repair but it usually isn’t convenient because you are faced with the emergency situation. It’s best to develop a relationship with a local plumber that you can trust and depend on when your problems arise.

Call City Wide Plumbing and Service Co. 480-966-8795 as we are that trusting and dependable company.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

How To Choose an Honest Affordable Plumber

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How To Choose an Honest and Affordable Plumber

The last thing we want is to be taken advantage of by our service providers. Most homeowners have no expertise when it comes to faulty or leaky water heaters, broken pipes, clogged drains, under slab leaks, sewage backing up in your house or any other horror story imaginable.

Choosing a great plumbing company before you have a plumbing emergency is the best strategy. Then you won’t be as stressed when a plumbing problem strikes.

Let’s face it. You are asking someone to come into your home or office to face a potentially messy situation that can possibly be quite expensive. You want the best plumber you can hire, who can get the job done quickly and afford-ably.

Here are some tips to choose the right plumbing company.

  1. How long have they been in business? If they have been around for a long time, you know they are solid citizens who are trusted by homeowners.
  2. Is the plumbing company licensed and insured? A shady operator won’t be able to get or keep a contractor’s license or liability insurance.
  3. Do they offer free estimates? You don’t want any surprises and either does a reputable plumbing company. A good company will tell you what to expect before they start the repairs.
  4. Are the plumber’s service vehicles clean? You can tell a lot about pride of workmanship by the condition of the company’s vehicles and equipment.
  5. Is the phone answered professionally or is it a “home business” where even a child may answer the phone? You can tell if you’re working with professional technicians or just a handyman by how the phone is answered.
  6. Does the plumbing company promise fast response? If your taking cold showers, have a broken pipe, or a backed up sewer line, you want a plumber who promises to get on the job in usually less than an hour.
  7. Does the plumbing company offer a warranty on the parts, equipment, and on their labor if something doesn’t function later? You want to hire a company that stands behind their work.

These 7 tips were provided by: https://citywideplumbingaz.com/

Protect Your Backflow!

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Recently there have been a rash of commercial irrigation and domestic water back-flow preventers stolen and sold for their scrap metal. While the scrap metal value for the brass and copper contained within these fittings is only about $50.00, day and night thieves are stealing as many as they can, sometimes twice from the same properties. Back-flow preventers are easily recognized, usually placed above ground along the street frontage for most commercial properties. The backflow preventer acts to prevent irrigation or other water from going back into the potable water source from the city in case of contamination. Most jurisdictions in Maricopa County have mandated the use of these valves in commercial buildings.

Thieves have posed as city employees wearing orange vests and have cut off the valve to the preventers using a battery powered sawzall. The whole process can take less than five to six minutes. These thefts have occurred in broad daylight and at prominent and visible locations. If yours is stolen, replacing it is very expensive and can cost as much as $2,000 to $4,000. Their removal will also interrupt water service for your property as well as create possible water damage caused by the water running uncontrolled through the open connection.

How to Protect Yourself

There is no perfect solution, but the following actions are being recommended by the ABPA, law enforcement, backflow installers, landscapers, and plumbing companies.

  1. Enclose your backflow valve(s) with a protective cage (if you haven’t already).
  2. Secure it with a tamper-proof lock (a “break-away” lock is easily opened and not recommended). In case of emergency, your maintenance crew should have a copy of the lock’s key.
  3. The cage should be securely mounted to the cement pad on the ground and painted a desert color to match landscape.
  4. Make sure the cage has lock guards to prevent their removal.
  5. Stamp, label, or identify the metal with a recognizable code or name of your own.
  6. Paint the unit with a desert color.
  7. Post a visible warning that there is video surveillance on the units. Also on the signs something to the effect of “theft and damage to this unit will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.
  8. Camouflage the unit by planting screening landscape a foot or so from the back-flow. This will make the unit less visible while still allowing for necessary maintenance access.
  9. Record model number and serial numbers of all backflow devices.
  10. Install a small wall to hide backflow devices.

The prices of the cages and installation vary according to design and size. We offer free estimates on all backflow products. For more information please call  480-966-8795.

Our plumbing experts are certified by the State of Arizona backflow device testers. ABPA membership number R1461.


Locate! Locate! Locate!

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to locate your utilities before starting a home improvement project. No matter how big or small the project, locating your utilities first will save  you spending money in unnecessary repairs later. Call Blue Stake before you dig for public utilities outside of your home. Call your local plumber or locating company for all private utilities inside your home.

This is an example of a small job gone wrong. A company came out to install a doggie door. As they cut into the block wall they got flooded with water. The tech installing the door cut through a copper water pipe. Luckily the homeowner is not out any money, the company is taking care of the repairs, but this could have all been avoided had they had the utilities located first. After the plumbing, concrete patch and paint, I’m sure the company is going to spend more on repairs then it cost to put the door in.

Water heaters replace or not to replace?

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Plumbing Tip

If your water heater tank is leaking it needs to be replaced. You cannot repair the tank. Please do not try to use duct tape or epoxy to temporarily repair the tank. Call a licensed Arizona plumber to have it replaced immediately and save yourself from thousands of dollars’ worth of flood damage. Also if you notice rust on the bottom and it’s not leaking, yet… you just might want to call a plumber to replace your water heater. Estimated life of a water heater in Arizona is 6 – 8 years for electric and 10 – 12 for gas. Keep in mind there are different factors which could increase or decrease longevity.

rusted water heater

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