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plumbing mistakes

Top 5 Plumbing Mistakes

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  1. Plumbing mistakes cost you.Overloading or putting the wrong things down the garbage disposal. Disposals are designed to handle one thing at a time, when you over fill your disposal it can easily get jammed or overworked. Disposals also do not like starchy and fibrous food. Items such as celery and pasta often get tied up in the blades and cause a jam.
  1. Using the toilet as a garbage can. Homeowners flush all kinds of things down the toilet. Cotton ball, q-tips, paper towels and even food waste. Toilets are designed for human waste only, flushing foreign objects can lead to major sewer clogs.
  1. Pouring grease down the drain. When it comes to kitchen sink clogs, grease is the number one culprit. Grease hardens as it cools and builds up over time. It is best to poor cool grease in a container and throw it away in the trash.
  1. Putting too much weight on plumbing fixtures. Shower caddies are an awesome way to keep the shower organized. But putting too much weight on a shower caddy that hangs from the shower head/ faucet can cause damage. Use your creative side when organizing the shower, you can find a ton of easy solution on the internet. Check out Pinterest.
  1. Ignoring small plumbing items. Leaks never magically go away they only get worse over time and cause a bigger problem. Take care of them right away to avoid a major plumbing nightmare down the road.

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