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plumbing repairs

When Plumbing Troubles Arise…

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Call City Wide Plumbing and Service Company when plumbing problems arise!Call City Wide Plumbing for your plumbing repairs and here’s why:

  1. We’re experienced. We’re a full-service plumbing company that’s been in business for more than 33 years. See our testimonials.
  2. We’re family owned. We’re small enough to provide excellent customer service, but still big enough to be there FAST.
  3. Our company is licensed and bonded. We’ll deliver reliable, effective and affordable plumbing service every time, and we have the papers to back it.
  4. We have same-day service. Get one of our experienced plumbers out to your home or business in as little as an hour after you call.
  5. We don’t charge for service calls. We’ll come out, take a look and provide you with a free estimate.
  6. Our estimates are our word. The price you see on our estimate is the price you’ll pay. No surprises.
  7. We make every job as affordable as we can. We charge by the job and not the time.
  8. We treat your home or business with care and respect.
  9. Service taken seriously. Our business relies on your business, and that’s why our plumbers provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  10. If you ever have any concerns, we have an owner you can talk to: Call Tracy at 480-966-8795.


Homeowners Can Avoid Costly Sewer Repairs

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avoid-sewer-repairs-SLIPPAvoid costly water and sewer line repairs with Tempe’s Service Line Protection Program.

Many homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for both the main water line that runs from their home to the city’s water meter and the main sewer line that runs from their home to the city’s sewer main.

If these lines become clogged, collapse or otherwise fail to operate, the homeowner is responsible for any necessary repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars. The City of Tempe created the Service Line Protection Program (SLiPP) to help ease this financial burden for homeowners, and you may be eligible to enroll.

Enrollment & Info

Gas Line RepairsGas Line Repairs

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Gas Line Repairs

Do not try this at home!

If you are not a professional plumber, you shouldn’t try to handle a Gas line repair.

You should never attempt to repair a gas line yourself and in emergencies you should always call 911 if you suspect a gas leak. As a safety precaution, a sulfur-like odor is added to natural gas to help people identify gas leaks. If you smell this odor in an emergency situation, leave the building then call 911 immediately. City Wide Plumbing Service and Company will assess your situation and advise your next safe steps as well as handle repairs and replacement of necessary gas lines.

Know How to Recognize and Respond to a Gas Emergency

Take immediate action if you encounter any of the following signs when you clean out a sewer line with a rooter device:

  • A natural gas odor at the cleanout or inside the building served by the sewer line, even if it’s faint or momentary
  • Bubbles rising through standing water or in the toilet bowl

If these signs are present, stop what you’re doing, and:

  •  Leave the area immediately.
  • Don’t use an automated door or turn on or off any electric switches, thermostats or appliance controls.
  • From a safe place call 911 and Southwest Gas at 1-877-860-6020 immediately, day or night. A Southwest Gas representative will be there as soon as possible.
  • Don’t smoke or use lighters or matches.

New Year Resolutions for Plumbers?

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What does a New Year and plumbers have in common? The opportunity for a new beginning.
That doesn’t mean we had a bad year or week or day, just that we get an opportunity to start Customer Satisfactionfresh. Here at City Wide Plumbing we are excited to share with you that we already value our customers and consider them to be our number one priority but everyone has room for improvement and that includes us. This year we are making a resolution to improve on our customer involvement and satisfaction. We need your help. Please drop us a note in the comments here to offer us encouragement on how we can better help you with our service.

As always, we look forward to serving you and getting the job done right the first time!

Have a prosperous and wonderful New Year!

Should You Consider Using a Home Warranty Company?

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Home warranty companies are great but are not always the best option when dealing with homewarranty-plumbingplumbing repairs. They only pay the plumbing company that comes out a certain amount, some plumbing companies may try to take advantage of the consumer by up selling them on items that are not needed and not covered under the warranty. Example, the warranty company may cover the replacement of a water heater, the plumbing company that comes out will then tell the customer that the T & P line is not up to code and will charge the customer hundreds of dollars to “fix” the issue. 9 times out of 10 the T & P line is not a legitimate problem.

It’s always best to shop around when you need a plumbing repair but it usually isn’t convenient because you are faced with the emergency situation. It’s best to develop a relationship with a local plumber that you can trust and depend on when your problems arise.

Call City Wide Plumbing and Service Co. 480-966-8795 as we are that trusting and dependable company.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Commercial Hot Water Heaters

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 EF SERIES® ULTRA HIGH EFFICIENCY MODELSBradford White’s newest addition to their Ultra High Efficiency line of commercial gas water heaters is the eF Series® which now includes a 100-gallon capacity with 399,999 BTU’s. This model offers a phenomenal 518 gallon first hour delivery and a fully condensing design recovering at 93% thermal efficiency.

These efficient water heaters are also available in 60-gallon capacities with 125,000, 150,000 and 199,999 BTU’s and in 100-gallon capacities with 150,000, 199,999, 250,000 and 300,000 BTU’s. All eF Series® models feature remarkable thermal efficiency ratings as high as 99.1% and offer installing contractors the ability to vent unbalanced the equivalent of up to 120 feet utilizing 3″ ABS, PVC or CPVC piping or 170 feet utilizing 4″ ABS, PVC or CPVC piping.

The ultra high efficient eF Series® water heaters also offer the end user a quiet operation and beneficial features such as the Hydrojet® Sediment Reduction System, a cleaning system that helps extend the life of the water heater.

Call City Wide Plumbing now for a free estimate. 480-966-8795.

Sewer Smell Plumbing Tip

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A sewer smell can be an unpleasant experience and can usually be solved by a process of elimination.  Here are some tips you can do to try and resolve the nasty odor.

Drains are designed to hold water in what is called a P-trap, the water acts as a barrier to keep sewer gas from permeating the home. Start by running water down the drains and flushing toilets especially the ones that do not get used often to restore the water in the p-trap.

Check your clean outs to make sure the plugs are installed and secured.


Another culprit could be a bad wax ring seal between the toilet flange and the base of the toilet.

This wax ring can occasionally leak, sometimes from a rocking toilet that has broken the seal causing sewer gas to find its way out from under the toilet. If that’s the case, you’ll have to remove the toilet and replace the wax ring. If the toilet rocks, use shims between the stool and the floor and caulk the joint. This will ensure that a rocking toilet doesn’t ruin the new wax ring.

A more serious problem would be a broken or cracked sewer line or even a loose connection joint in the vent in the ceiling or wall. If you’ve addressed the three easier possibilities, contact a plumber who specializes in hunting down leaks .

Locate! Locate! Locate!

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to locate your utilities before starting a home improvement project. No matter how big or small the project, locating your utilities first will save  you spending money in unnecessary repairs later. Call Blue Stake before you dig for public utilities outside of your home. Call your local plumber or locating company for all private utilities inside your home.

This is an example of a small job gone wrong. A company came out to install a doggie door. As they cut into the block wall they got flooded with water. The tech installing the door cut through a copper water pipe. Luckily the homeowner is not out any money, the company is taking care of the repairs, but this could have all been avoided had they had the utilities located first. After the plumbing, concrete patch and paint, I’m sure the company is going to spend more on repairs then it cost to put the door in.

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