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Service Line Protection Program (SLiPP)

Homeowners Can Avoid Costly Sewer Repairs

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avoid-sewer-repairs-SLIPPAvoid costly water and sewer line repairs with Tempe’s Service Line Protection Program.

Many homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for both the main water line that runs from their home to the city’s water meter and the main sewer line that runs from their home to the city’s sewer main.

If these lines become clogged, collapse or otherwise fail to operate, the homeowner is responsible for any necessary repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars. The City of Tempe created the Service Line Protection Program (SLiPP) to help ease this financial burden for homeowners, and you may be eligible to enroll.

Enrollment & Info

Give them the SLIPP

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SLiPP – Service Line Protection Program

What is it? A financial assistance program to aid eligible residences with water and sewer line repair costs.
Whose Elgible?

Single family/owner-occupied residences, to include homes, duplexes & townhomes, that receive City of Tempe sewer and/or water services


Begins mid-end of August
Can enroll online or hard copy
Direct mail piece, including subscription form and Terms & Conditions, delivered late August 2011

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