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water filtration systems

Stop buying water from the store and make your own at home.

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You’re trying to drink more water, but buying bottled water can be costly, plus there’s always the added recycling responsibility with all of those plastic bottles. Plus, how can you be sure of what you’re buying?

You have some options. You can install a whole-house filtration system that filters your water as it comes into the house. That way, you can be assured that the water reaching any faucet or spigot in your home is clean, filtered and good tasting. The other added advantage is that it can help extend the life of your appliances. Rust, sediment, chlorine and other contaminants can wear on the moving parts of water-dependent appliances, like a dishwasher or clothes washer, for example. A filter removes these elements before they can damage your appliances.

A whole house water filter can also pair with a water softener, so double check to make sure you have hard water before you add a softener. Also, like any filter, you’ll have to change it every so often. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations to keep your filter working properly.

Another possible solution is to install an under-sink water filter. Filters fit under the sink, and attach to a dedicated water spigot that operates independently from the rest of the sink taps. The most popular placement choice is in the kitchen, so you can use filtered water for cooking, too. Some people even choose to install a separate filter on their refrigerator’s fill line for the ice maker. That way, the ice comes from a filtered water source, too.

You can choose a spigot style and finish that complements your existing faucet, and installation is usually within an hour. Regular filter changes are required, so check your owner’s manual for details.

Stop buying water from the store and make your own at home. Save money. Save time. And save the recycling for another product.

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