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Does your home in Gilbert, AZ have low water pressure?

Water’s never too far from anybody’s mind when you live near the iconic Gilbert Water Tower. Gilbert water tower And we’ve made it our business to keep our commercial and residential customers’ water flowing and plumbing systems repaired in the Gilbert area.

Some of the ways we keep the water flowing is knowing what to look for when the only symptom is poor water pressure. It can depend on a lot of factors:

Water pipes. How old are yours? What are they made of? Depending on what your pipes are made of can determine how long ago your plumbing was updated. Galvanized pipe can oxidize and rust, creating pipe leaks and/or water flow blockages. Naturally, both problems can affect your water pressure. PVC pipes don’t rust or oxidize, but they can be sensitive to temperature changes, warping and putting stress on pipe junctures and fixture mounts. The older this plastic material gets, the more brittle it becomes. Brittle pipes can burst at any time.

Do you have a water softener? If the softener is too small and can’t keep up now that you have a new family member, then it might be time to upgrade your softener.

Do you have a water filtration system? If the filter needs changing or the pump isn’t operating at its optimal speeds, it may be time for some repairs.

Does the water pressure change frequently for no reason? You may need to have a new water pressure regulator installed.

City Wide Plumbing has experienced technicians who can offer solutions to your water flow problems. Give us a call to set up your free evaluation today.

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