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What is Drip Irrigation?

drip irrigation in Tempe AZ.One of the most efficient ways to water your garden is through drip irrigation. Water drips from small hoses strategically placed at ground level, maximizing the amount of water that gets to the plant root system. By dripping water directly on the ground, it eliminates most evaporation and allows approximately 90% of the water to go to the plants. In traditional sprinkler systems, water sprays into the air first, causing some of the water droplets to evaporate before reaching the plants. This type of irrigation is about 75% efficient.

A drip irrigation system hooks directly into your water source, such as near a laundry room or around the back of your property. The most efficient systems hook into a grey water system that uses discharge water from dishwashers, clothes washers, bathtubs and showers.

Even though the premise behind drip irrigation systems is simple, the set up can vary greatly depending on the square footage you’d like to water, your water system requirements, timers and the water pressure needed to keep the water flowing to your gardens. While most drip irrigation systems aren’t overly complicated. Keep your garden and your irrigation green this year with a drip irrigation system.

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