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Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners, Water Filters

How much does your Reverse Osmosis System cost?

We offer a free estimate on all drinking water treatment systems, softener products and RO systems. We will come to your home and test your water for hardness and size a water purification system specifically for your family based on your water usage.

How often do I need to change my Reverse Osmosis filters?

We recommend changing the filters on your water purifier system every six months depending on your water usage for good clean drinking water. You should also consult your owner’s manual.

I am not getting any soft water.

First, check and make sure your water softener has salt in the brine tank. If the tank has salt in it along with some water you can check the owner’s manual trouble-shooting tips or call City Wide Plumbing.

I have plenty of salt in my brine tank but I am still not getting soft water

You could have surpassed the reserve capacities of your unit. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual and start a manual regeneration cycle after you are done running water for the day.

What are the differences between a two-stage RO unit and a five-stage RO unit?

The two-stage unit uses two water filters, while the five-stage unit uses five water filters. The latter gives you better quality drinking water as it filters out more impurities to give you pure water.

I have low pressure at my Reverse Osmosis spout.

This could mean you need to change your water filters. If that does not resolve the problem, check the trouble-shooting section of the owner’s manual or call City Wide Plumbing.

My RO system quit producing water.

The first thing to check is the RO drain to make sure it is not plugged at the point where it ties into the kitchen drain line. Consult the owner’s manual for your water filtration system if the problem is not resolved or call City Wide Plumbing.

Pressure Regulators Installation Backflow Testing and Repair

How do I find out how much water pressure I have?

Any hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowes carries a test gauge you can put on your hose bib. Make sure it has a tell tail on it so your can record the highest pressures that you get in a 24 hour period.

How much water pressure should I have?

It should be some where between 45 and 70 PSI. If you have more pressure than this, you need a pressure regulator.

Do I need a backflow valve on my irrigation system?

Yes, a PVB is required on sprinkler systems by the UPC. Some commercial applications require a city certified backflow test every year.

Do I need a backflow preventer on my potable water supply?

In most cases backflow assemblies are required on commercial lines only, but check with your local city water providers.

How much will it cost?

We offer a free estimate on all our pressure regulators and backflow installations, testing, and repairs. We will come to your location and provide you with a written estimate on all work that needs to be performed.

How do I find out more on backflow assemblies and pressure regulators?

Go to the ABPA web site above for more information.

My double check backflow device is leaking. Can it be fixed?

Yes, in most cases parts kits are available for Febco, Watts, Wilkins, Conbraco or any other manufacturer’s type of device, double check. PVB, or reduced pressure principle device.

Slab Leaks and Electronic Detection

I hear water running at night even when I have not been using any.

You could have a leak under you slab. First, check all fixtures and make sure they are not leaking. Next, while all the water is turned off in your home, check your water meter to see if the small triangle is moving. If it is moving you could have a leak somewhere underground.

Are slab leaks common?

Yes they are. All of the water lines in your home run under your cement slab. Corrosion and improper installation are the cause of many leaks. Our leak detector can find the water leak.

How can I tell for sure I have a leak?

Call City Wide and we will send one of our service technicians out to your home to diagnose your problem and advise you of your options. Our water detection system can find these leaks.

Will my insurance cover this type of leak repair?

In most cases this repair will be covered under your homeowner’s policy. Check with your insurance agent to determine the provisions of your policy.

What is a reroute?

After a leak is detection some leaks are in an inaccessible area so they cannot be repaired. In this instance we recommend that the affected water line be routed overhead through the attic or across the flat roof.

I have had more than one slab leak on the hot side. What should I do?

We suggest you check into a reroute or re-pipe of the hot water system.

Why are most of the slab leaks on the hot side of my water system?

The hot water lines expand and contract when hot water is drawn through the system. This causes the pipe to move ever so slightly and over time this will wear a hole in your hot water line.

A slab leak has been located under my bathtub. What should I do?

If at all possible we would suggest that the line be run overhead, as it would be less expensive than pulling the tub to fix the leak.

How much will a slab leak repair cost?

The cost varies from job to job depending on the depth and location of the leak.
The water leak detection will help us to estimate the job.

Will a slab leak repair damage my floor?

We open up the floor with the smallest hole we possibly can to repair the leak. The size of the hole depends on the depth of the pipe. Left unrepaired a water leak could damage your home’s foundation.

Water and Drain Line Installation and Repair

I was told that my drain line is the old orange berg pipe, and I am having problems with stoppages

We suggest with this type of line you replace the entire sewer line as once you start having problems with it, you will continue having problems to a point that it will totally collapse.

I have tree roots in my sewer drain line. What can I do?

You have two options; you can keep cleaning the drain line until it stops up permanently or you can replace/repair the line with a new ABS line that will withstand tree root penetration.

I have a blue poly water line that keeps breaking.

We suggest that you have a plumber out to replace it with a new copper water service to eliminate any further problems.

My PVC water service keeps breaking.

This type of pipe should be replaced with a new copper water service.

How much does it cost to replace a sewer drain line or water service?

We offer a free in-home estimate on all drain line repairs. We will measure the line and check for utility obstructions before giving you a written plumbing estimate.

How much does it cost to replace a sewer drain line or water service?

We offer a free in-home estimate on all drain line repairs. We will measure the line and check for utility obstructions before giving you a written plumbing estimate.

Water Heater Sales, Service and Repair

What do I do if I have no hot water?

First, you should check the hot water heater breaker in your electrical panel and make sure it has not been tripped. If you have to reset the breaker, wait 30 to 40 minutes to see if you get hot water.

I run out of hot water quickly. Is it my hot water heater?

The problem could be a slab leak, thermostat, or element. Call a professional plumber to come and check out your hot water unit.

I have rusty water coming out of my fixtures.

This is a sign that the liner in your hot water heater tank is ruptured and the unit needs to be replaced.

I have a bad smell and some air coming out my faucets when I turn them on.

This is a sign your anode rod, which protects your water heater tank from corrosion, has gone bad. Call a professional plumber out to have it replaced and disinfect your hot water system.

How often should I flush my hot water heater to prevent scale build up?

If you have a soft water system, flush the heater every 6 months. Otherwise, the water heater needs to be flushed every three months.

What is the average life of an electric hot water heater?

Depending on your water quality the life span could be five to seven years. Gas water heaters have a longer life span of seven to ten years.

I have a lot of corrosion on the pipes and valve at the top of my hot water heater.

The pipes and valves should be replaced to prevent any type leak or failure that could cause a flood. Signs of rust on you tank could be a sign leading to a leak of your water tank

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