GREEN TAC Water Softener Systems – NO  SALT SYSTEMS

Why Choose Green TAC?

Why Do I Need Green TAC?

Over 80% of the United States has hard water resulting in Scale deposits on Plumbing Fixtures, Pipes, and appliances.

This can result in a long list of negative effects that can cost lots of $$$, including expensive repairs to appliances, and stains in sinks and bathtubs.

Most municipal tap water supplies contain high levels of chlorine to keep the water safe to drink.

But Chlorine itself has many negative effects such as bad tastes and smells along with potential negative effects on your health.


How it Works

T.A.C. — Template Assisted Crystallization

TAC transforms dissolved hardness into harmless microscopic crystal particles.

The crystals move through the plumbing system without latching onto pipes and fixtures.

More importantly the crystals are formed without the use of salt, a drain, or power.


Let City Wide install your next Green TAC No Salt System water softener.
You’ll feel the difference during your next shower, and experience better-tasting water immediately.

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  • Taste and feel the difference in your water.

  • Keeps your plumbing fixtures like new.

  • Keeps your homes plumbing water system pipes clean.

  • No more hard water stains on your shower glass and tiles

  • No maintenance, no salt, no electric, no back wash to waste water.

  • No calcium stains on your fixtures.

  • Clean, clear delicious water from every plumbing fixture.

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    SEDIMENT FILTER (Optional )
    The Sediment Filter acts as a net that catches unwanted dirt and particles that flow through your home.
    Filters down to 5 Microns (the size of a red blood cell)
    Filter must be changed

    Coconut Shell Carbon
    removes or reduces Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, Cleaning by-products, and Tri halo Methane.
    Coconut Shell Carbon is one of the most porous substances on earth and is perfect for commercial and residential water treatment.
    Removes unpleasant tastes and odors from your water
    Clean Filtered water at every faucet in your home.
    Operates with NO backwash or electricity

    UV Light (Optional)
    Sterilizes your water without the use of chemicals
    Killing bacteria and microorganisms
    (E. Coli, Cysts, Viruses, Cryptosporidium, ETC)

    TAC Filtersorb Media
    Environmentally friendly alternative to a water softener.
    Reduces Scale without using salt or wasting water.
    Operates without electricity for reduced energy consumption.
    Long lasting media makes it virtually maintenance free.
    Helps removes existing scale
    Scientifically tested and certified treatment.

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