Green Fusion Water Softener Systems

Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it can take its toll on your household.

Over time, the additional minerals build up in your pipes, breaking down your appliances sooner, reducing your water pressure and creating chalky residue around sinks and showers. 

The most effective choice is a whole house water treatment solution. Green Fusion Systems use the latest technology to soften your water at a more affordable price than comparable systems.


Green Fusion Whole House Water Treatment System

Green Fusion Whole House Water Treatment System

Green Fusion Systems products combine a water softener and water filtration into one unit.

Water passes through a series of chambers equipped with high-tech filters that reduce chlorine and heavy metals, including mercury and lead, into your home.

Coconut-shell carbon filtration removes chlorine, herbicides and pesticides from agricultural runoff, cleaning by-products and trihalomethane.

Uniform bead resin attracts more calcium and magnesium than traditional resins, and need 50% less salt than conventional softeners.

OPTIONAL: UV light sterilizes your water, killing bacteria and microorganisms without adding chemicals.

Smart valve technology reduces excess water use and helps reduce your water bill.

Let City Wide install your next Green Fusion System water softener.
You’ll feel the difference during your next shower, and experience better-tasting water immediately.

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    • Taste and feel the difference in your water.

    • Keeps your plumbing fixtures like new.

    • Keeps your homes plumbing water system pipes clean.

    • No more hard water stains on your shower glass and tiles

    • No maintenance, no salt, no electric, no back wash to waste water.

    • No calcium stains on your fixtures.

    • Clean, clear delicious water from every plumbing fixture.

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