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Grey Water Irrigation System

grey water irrigation systemGardens create curb appeal and soften the outside of your home or business, but landscaping requires a consistent watering schedule. And depending on where you live, water can be expensive.

What may be a great solution is installing a grey water system.

Grey water irrigation systems are those that divert water already used from dishwashers, clothes washers and showers, and letting that water feed a drip irrigation system. People who are on a septic system are probably familiar with the benefits of a grey water irrigation system, since it’s nearly a requirement to preserve a septic tank’s ecosystem. Shampoos and detergents tend to kill off the necessary bacteria that break down any solids in the septic tank. New homeowners or people who have always been on a municipal water system, however, may not be aware of how grey water systems can save water, help reduce energy demands and increase plant growth.

Grey water is typically laden with phosphates from detergents and shampoos. If allowed to dump directly into a river, lake or stream, these phosphates encourage algae growth. Eventually, too much algae in the water depletes oxygen levels, and can harm freshwater marine life. So how are phosphates good for your garden? They act as a fertilizer, nourishing young plants and helping them establish good root systems. The plants act as a natural filter, using the phosphates before they reach groundwater, and helping to protect freshwater ecosystems.

Another added advantage to using grey water for your landscaping is that you’re reducing the amount of water needed to return back to waste water treatment plants. This reuse helps save electricity and the burden on your local municipality, creating a greener solution overall.

Since the early 1990s, Scottsdale has been providing non-potable water to 23 golf courses in north Scottsdale through a public-private partnership known as the Reclaimed Water Distribution System (RWDS).

It’s easy to add a grey water system to your home. It connects into your existing plumbing, and can work independently of any energy sources. Electricity-dependent systems use a pump to add more water pressure, and both types come in different sizes designed to accommodate homes and businesses.

By using grey water irrigation systems, your lawns, flowerbeds and surrounding landscaping could prosper!

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