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You can help conserve water!

You can help conserve water!

Due to our recent dry winter some Arizona cities are running out of water. Arizona cities  are placing many water restrictions on their residents and have steep fines if they are not followed.

Safford Arizona has been aiming to reduce usage by 30%. Residents cannot refill swimming pools, plant new grass or install sod. Water out doors is limited to twice weekly and water at restaurant comes upon request only. In Williams the water drought has gotten so bad they have prohibited outdoor water and washing cars with potable (drinking) water. The city has also stopped issuing building permits for new development.

Residents using more than 15,000 gallons of water per month under the restriction could see a rise in their water bill by 150% to 200%. The penalty for using potable water outdoors for anything but public health or emergencies comes with  $ 100 surcharge that doubles for subsequent violations.

You can help conserve water.

Here are a few ways to help conserve water.

  1. Check for leaks in pipes, hoses faucets, toilets and couplings.
  2. Use a broom not a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks.
  3. Don’t let the water run when you are cleaning vegetables, brushing your teeth or shaving.
  4. Use your dishwasher and clothes for full loads only.
  5. Do not use your toilet for an ashtray or a wastebasket.
  6. Install water-saving shower heads and low flow faucet aerators.
  7. Collect the cold water running from the faucet in a bowl or bucket while you are waiting for the hot water to use for cleaning or watering pants later.
  8. Consider installing a recirculation pump on your water heater so you don’t have to wait for hot water.
  9. Create water conservation awareness among your children, avoid the purchase of recreational water toys which require a constant stream of water.
  10. Use your water meter to check for under slab or underground leaks you may not be able to see. Make sure everything in the house that automatically runs water such as an ice maker is turned off. Then go out and check the meter, if the dial is spinning there is a good chance you have an underground leak. Call your local plumber and have them locate and fix the issue for you.

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