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When your hot water isn’t so hot anymore in Chandler, AZ.

no more hot waterWith 330 days of sunshine in Chandler and lots of time to spend outside, it’s great to come home and experience a hot shower to soothe those tired muscles. When your hot water isn’t so hot anymore, it may be time for water heater repairs or even a new, more energy efficient water heater.

If getting a water heater checkup just for hotter showers isn’t enough of an incentive, think about the other ways your household relies on hot water.

When you don’t have it, you might notice:

Dishes go into your dishwasher and come out looking almost the same. When your water heater isn’t doing its job, your dishwasher can’t clean as well. Detergent may not dissolve, grease may remain and you’ve just wasted a lot of water and electricity for dishes that don’t clean up. If you do your dishes by hand, you may have to boil water in a kettle or add a bit of bleach to your wash water to get dishes and glassware squeaky clean and sanitary.

Your laundry needs more help. When your water isn’t hot enough, whites and other clothing won’t get sanitized, and greasy stains may set in deeper. You’ll have to rely on bleach and/or need more wash time to keep your laundry up to your standards.

So when your water heater isn’t living up to its name, call the experts from City Wide Plumbing.

They provide a quick response to plumbing problems including water heater repair and water heater installations. In fact, they usually provide same-day service – even on Saturdays! A no-cost evaluation can save you time and money, and get your water temperatures back up where they belong.

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