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How to fail-safe your Thanksgiving Holiday?

Take care of your little plumbing problems before they turn into Big Trouble on the Holiday!

Step One: Recognize the possible problems.

If you are having more than a couple people over for a nice big Thanksgiving dinner, you are probably a little concerned about the way it’s all going to turn out.  Will the Turkey be fully cooked and juicy? Will there be enough side dishes and will the stuffing be too dry? The main course and dessert are not your only concerns; however. Anyone knows that when a group of people get together to eat, and to eat “big”, there are usually extra trips to the bathroom.
Can your toilet handle the extra usage?

Step Two: Access your situation.

Better be sure your plumbing is up to par this Thanksgiving. If you have any toilet leaks, you will want to get them fixed immediately before the guests arrive.

Step Three: Take Action.

Give City Wide Plumbing and Service Co. a call 480-966-8795! Now don’t be a turkey and wait til it’s too late. Plumbers like to eat turkey with their family too. Have you ever had a plumber stuffed on turkey dinner over? Probably not something any of us want to see. Be sure to call before your problem escalates to BIG Trouble!!  We are Here for you!!

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