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How to know when your HOT WATER is not running at maximum potential

It is that time of year when we need all the hot water we can get for those showers and baths. When winter arrives we always see an increase in “no hot water” calls or “not enough hot water”. You will see below some steps you can take to see what the problems could be, if you need help just call 480-966-8795 and someone will talk you through the problem.

A. Test the pressure relief valve regularly and flush out sediments at least once a year.

B. Check your water heater’s anodes at least once every two years to make sure they are operating correctly to prevent rust from happening. If it appears to have corrosion, the rod should be replaced.

C. You may need to update your shower head to a newer shower head that limits water output to about 2.5 gals per minute.

D. You may have a broken or worn cold water inlet valve.

E. The heating elements or thermostats on electric waters heaters may be malfunctioning check your water heaters breaker first.

F. There could be a damaged or worn gasket that needs replacement.

G. The pressure relief valve may be loose or malfunctioning.

H. Your tank could be rusted, in this case you would need to replace the water heater.

I. Read your water heater owner manual for more help.

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