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If a plumbing emergency arises, are you prepared?

Any home in Arizona will need plumbing service eventually. Are you buying a new home? Call your Arizona city plumber, City Wide Plumbing for a water heater inspection before you buy! Our plumbing inspections can find leaks below the slab of a home or behind a wall. Perhaps your sewer line has an undetected problem, our sewer camera inspection, you may save you thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Do you know where your water shut off valve is in case of a pipe rupture or any kind of water line leak?

You can call your Arizona city plumber, City Wide Plumbing for toilet repair, faucet installations, clogged drains, water heaters, backflow devices, inspections, installations, repairs and much more.
Keep our number handy for an emergency plumbing problem: 602-273-9082

Call 480-966-8795

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