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Did you lose your invoice for your water heater?

Money Saving Tip:

Always hold on to your receipts  for installs of new appliances. Manufactures will normally go off the install date for the warranty vs the manufacture date.

For example, a company comes out and installs a new water heater. The water heater was manufactured 06/07/2008 but sat in the warehouse and was not installed until 12/15/2008. On 08/30/14 the water heater springs a leak and needs to be replaced. The customer is unable to locate the receipt of when the unit was originally installed, so the manufacture goes off the manufacture date and says the warranty is expired causing the customer to have to purchase a new unit. If the customer kept the invoice with the install date the manufacture would have warrantied the unit and the customer could have saved money by having the unit replaced under warranty vs have to purchase a  new unit.

Now do keep in mind that usually after one year, there is only a parts warranty and you will still have to pay for labor costs. It’s still much cheaper than having to buy a new unit and have installed. If you have any questions, please feel free to call City Wide Plumbing and Service Company at 480-966-8795.

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