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Water heaters don’t last forever, unfortunately, and once you get a new one, you’ll be looking for ways to make it last longer.

Here are three easy steps you can do once a year to keep your new hot water tank in tip-top shape.

3 Steps to Flush the Tank

  1. Hook a garden hose to the valve at the bottom of the water heater and run the hose outside or to the nearest drain.
  2. Leave everything on, open the drain valve and let the water flow for a few minutes.
  3. Shut off the valve and remove the hose. 

Note: This is only recommended for newer tanks. Older tanks may have too much sediment built up and may not flush or the valve at the bottom of the tank may break. 

Besides an annual tank flush, there is some simple maintenance you can do along the way: 

  • Set the tank’s temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A lower temperature:
    • Helps preserve the life of your tank, saves on your energy costs and helps prevent scalding accidents. 
    • Helps prevent mold and bacterial growth in the tank – a great way to maintain your home’s water quality.
  • Use the “Vacation Setting” when you leave for an extended visit. 
    • The pilot light stays lit but the water won’t heat. 
    • You’ll save on your energy costs!
  • Check the area around your water heater regularly. 
    • Keep the floor around it clean – excessive rust or other buildup in the area can indicate potential problems.   
    • If a leak develops, you’ll help prevent water damage to your belongings.
  • Make sure you change out anode rod at three years.

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Even the best water heater needs periodic replacement, but with yearly maintenance and very minor upkeep, you’ll keep the hot water flowing.  

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