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When Mesa residents think about their town, the first adjective that comes to mind is “smart.”

Smart technology when it comes to appliances usually equates with efficiency, but you may not think about how water heaters are at the heart of your dishwasher’s and washing machine’s performance. For example, when your hot water isn’t so hot anymore, its lack of performance can compromise those big-ticket items in the following ways:
Dishes aren’t getting clean. If you have to use an elaborate pre-washing process before you put dishes into the dishwasher, where’s the benefit? You’ll notice detergent not dissolving all the way or that your dishes are coming out still greasy, you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money.

Lukewarm water equals lukewarm performance. When your washing machine’s water isn’t getting water that’s hot enough, whites and other clothing won’t get sanitized, and greasy stains can set in deeper. You’ll have to rely on extra spot treatments, chemical additives or bleach to make up for your lack of hot water – all requiring more work and time.

So when your water heater isn’t living up to its name, give us a call. We’ll provide the answers you need, and give you options so you can make an informed choice on whether water heater repair is the way to go, or how a new water heater can help save you in the long run. Same-day service – even on Saturdays – can help you get your water temperatures back up where they belong.


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