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Replace your old shower head in a few easy steps.

Watch the shower Head replacement video to see how easy it is to replace your old shower head in a few easy steps.

Items needed:

  • New shower head
  • Teflon tape / plumbers tape
  1. Remove old shower head (If the old shower head is hard to remove by hand you can use a pair of channel locks. You will need to use caution, if you use too much torque/ power you could damage the shower arm in the wall.)
  2. Remove old pluming tape from threads (Teflon tape/ plumbers tape… It is not critical to remove every bit of tape. If you feel you need to you could lightly use a wire brush, you don’t want to mess up the threads in the process.)
  3. Apply new plumbing tape, one layer over the threads.
  4. Screw on new shower head, making sure you don’t cross threads. It only needs to be hand tight, do not use any tools to tighten down, you could damage the shower head and or the shower arm (pipe coming out of wall).

If you have any leaks remove the new shower head and make sure the gasket inside the head is sitting flat. When you screw the head back on you can use the existing tape but also make sure you do not cross thread.

If you continue having leaks after you have double checked everything, first try exchanging the head for a new one, there could be a defect in the shower head, and try again. If that does not cure the issue then call your local plumber, 480-966-8795 there could be an issue with the shower arm.

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