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Slab Leak Calls Increase for our Local Mesa Customers

We have noticed an increase in the number of slab leak calls from our Mesa customers in December and January. The cold weather is a huge factor in this.

If you are walking around your home in your bare feet and feel a hot spot on your floor, you may be right to suspect a slab leak.

City Wide Plumbing has leak detection and video camera equipment that are used to inspect your pipelines for gas and hot and cold water leaks. Our Service plumbers conduct pipeline leak testing under concrete slab, asphalt, and behind walls, and follow up with repair or replacement of the damaged section of pipe.

Special slab leak detection equipment is employed to locate and repair leaky pipes under the concrete foundation of your home or business. If you have high water bills or hear water running in the walls call 480-966-8795 today.


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