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Slab Leaks FAQ’s

I hear water running at night even when I have not been using any.
You could have a leak under you slab. First, check all fixtures and make sure they are not leaking. Next, while all the water is turned off in your home, check your water meter to see if the small triangle is moving. If it is moving you could have a leak somewhere underground.

Are slab leaks common?
Yes they are. All of the water lines in your home run under your cement slab. Corrosion and improper installation are the cause of many leaks. Our leak detector can find the water leak.

How can I tell for sure I have a leak?
Call City Wide and we will send one of our service technicians out to your home to diagnose your problem and advise you of your options. Our water detection system can find these leaks.

Will my insurance cover this type of leak repair?
In most cases this repair will be covered under your homeowner’s policy. Check with your insurance agent to determine the provisions of your policy.

What is a reroute?
After a leak is detection some leaks are in an inaccessible area so they cannot be repaired. In this instance we recommend that the affected water line be routed overhead through the attic or across the flat roof.

I have had more than one slab leak on the hot side. What should I do?
We suggest you check into a reroute or re-pipe of the hot water system.

Why are most of the slab leaks on the hot side of my water system?
The hot water lines expand and contract when hot water is drawn through the system. This causes the pipe to move ever so slightly and over time this will wear a hole in your hot water line.

A slab leak has been located under my bathtub. What should I do?
If at all possible we would suggest that the line be run overhead, as it would be less expensive than pulling the tub to fix the leak.

How much will a slab leak repair cost?
The cost varies from job to job depending on the depth and location of the leak.
The water leak detection will help us to estimate the job.

Will a slab leak repair damage my floor?
We open up the floor with the smallest hole we possibly can to repair the leak. The size of the hole depends on the depth of the pipe. Left unrepaired a water leak could damage your home’s foundation.

Hot Floors? High Water Bills? Not Enough Hot Water?
Running Water Sounds in Your Walls?
There may be a hot or cold water leak under your slab floor.

Cracked pipes under a concrete slab are very common and often overlooked.  If you have hot floors, high water bills, not enough hot water, or running water sounds in your walls, there may be a hot or cold water leak under your slab floor.

This is costing you big money on your water bill.

We use the latest technology to locate leaks under the concrete slab of your home. Our expert plumbing technicians will complete diagnostic tests to verify the existence of the leak under your floor with the use of water leak detection equipment.

When we have ruled out any other possibilities, the technician will advise you of your options.

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