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You just filled up a swimming pool with your Wasted Water!

With talks of drought all around us, now is an important time to conserve water. We have talked before about tips to save water for normal daily use, but have you ever thought about how much water/money you could be wasting by not repairing a running toilet or a pesky dripping faucet.

For example:

Let’s say you have a water closet aka toilet running at a rate of ½ gallon per minute.
1440 minutes per day divided in half equals 720 gallons per day.
720 gallons time 30 days is 21,600 gallons per month wasted.
Most city’s charge per 1000 gallons so,
22 (thousand gallons) times $ 3.92 (per thousand) is $ 86.24 running down the drain.
In a year that could add up to $ 1,034.88 on top of your normal water usage.

The average cost to repair a water closet or a leaking faucet is less than $ 200.00. So not only do you conserve water you also save money. It’s a win win.


An average swimming pool takes approximately 18,000-20,000 gallons of water to fill.


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