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Why Backflow prevention systems are needed in Ahwahtukee, Arizona?

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Backflow prevention systems for irrigation in Ahwahtukee are key in keeping wine country in grapes. They also play a key role in many other commercial and residential applications. For example, a backflow prevention system maintains the water flow from the water supply lines to faucets, fire hydrants and more, preventing contaminants, such as debris, gases or solids from backing up into your building’s water supply.

When your backflow prevention stops working, it can cause a change in water pressure to trigger a vacuum. This condition can force contaminated water back into the clean water. When a municipality backflow prevention assembly fails, you’ll be asked to boil all of your drinking water for the next 24-48 hours.

Keep clean water flowing into your taps.

The expert plumbers at City Wide can diagnose and repair a leaking backflow preventer quickly and get your business back on-line. Whether it’s a leaking backflow valve or an overall problem with one of your backflow prevention assemblies, City Wide can help. Expert technicians have in-depth knowledge of backflow repair, plumbing assemblies and repair practices. We have access to a complete inventory for every backflow prevention assembly manufacturer.

City Wide is a full-service company: We test, repair, install and maintain your backflow assembly, and we make sure that we provide exceptional customer service. Call us today. In most instances, we’ll be out to your home or business in less than 24 hours and get you the answers you need.

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