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Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater

No Hot Water!

The number one reason Chandler Heights homeowners replace their water heater is when their existing water heater stops working. There are a number of reasons water heaters stop working: if the problem is with the actual heating unit or controls, repairing the water heater may be possible. However, if the water heater is significantly damaged or the tank itself is leaking, water heater replacement is the only option. Cold showers are no way to start the day!

The End is Near!

Avoid the icy cold inconvenience of having your water heater fail. Water heaters have an expected useful life of 5-7 years for an electric water heater and 8- 10 years for a gas water heater, actual performance varies with family usage, water quality, environmental conditions, and a number of other factors. If your home water heater is over a decade old, you’ll want to start thinking about water heater replacement.

Save Energy, Save Money

Water heater technology has evolved significantly over the years. The big, old heavy water heaters we remember from our grandparent’s basements is yesterday’s news! Today, water heater manufacturers are leading the way with units that are extremely energy efficient.  Environmental pressures are growing more intense every day: every little bit we can do to save the planet helps! Additionally, the less energy you use to heat your home’s water supply, the lower your utility bill is going to be. That means extra money in your pocket

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