Water and Drain Line Installation and Repair

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Are your water bills too high?

Do you suspect tree roots have cracked a water line or sewer line?

If only you could tell what was actually going on in your sewage system.

We can help. City Wide Plumbing uses the latest in technology to locate problems in your underground drain lines. If you are having problems with your bathroom or kitchen sewer drains, we can place a camera into the pipe to see what’s going on. If we find any problems, they are marked for repair. This service can also help you know the overall condition of your sewer lines, and may help prevent problems before they happen.

City Wide Plumbing offers this service for residential or commercial sewage systems.

We provide free estimates and fast service!

Sewer / Drain Line FAQ’s

I was told that my drain line is the old orange berg pipe, and I am having problems with stoppages.
Unfortunately, once you start having problems with orange berg pipe, it’s a signal that the pipe will eventually collapse. We suggest replacing the entire sewer line.

I have tree roots in my sewer drain line. What can I do?
Homeowners have two options for tree roots; continued maintenance/cleaning the drain line, or you can replace all or part of the existing line with ABS pipes that will withstand tree root penetration.

I have a blue poly water line that keeps breaking.
We suggest that you have a plumber out to upgrade your water lines with a new copper water service to eliminate any further problems.

My PVC water service keeps breaking.
PVC water lines can be upgraded to copper water service for improved reliability.

How much does it cost to replace a sewer drain line or water service?
Of course, we’re all conscious of pricing! You’ll be happy to know that we offer free in-home estimates for repairs. We will measure the line and check for utility obstructions before giving you an accurate, written plumbing estimate.

Sewer Lines Need Repair?

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