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By August 1st, 2022plumbing
Journey of Hope Pi Kappa Phi

Journey of Hope
Pi Kappa Phi

Journey of Hope is one of the many charities that City Wide Plumbing proudly supports. We would like to welcome Pi Kappa Phi gentleman to the City of Tempe. The Journey of Hope is a cross-country cycling trip from Long Beach, CA to Washington DC which
focuses on raising money and awareness for people with disabilities. The
Journey is the flagship event of Push America, the national non-profit of Pi
Kappa Phi Fraternity. The team cycles approximately 80 miles everyday, and they
will be arriving in Tempe today and staying til Friday morning before
leaving for Globe, AZ. We’re especially excited that two members of this year’s
team are from the ASU chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity! 

Welcome to Tempe Arizona guys and good luck on your trip to D.C.!!!

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