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What is Backflow Testing?

By November 3rd, 2018backflow testing

backflow prevention cage and backflow

You know you have to have backflow prevention assembly testing done like clockwork, but what is it?

In the simplest terms, backflow prevention means maintaining the water flow in one direction.

It keeps waste water flowing away from taps and clean water running to the taps. Backflow prevention provides a continuous stream of fresh water. It also prevents contaminants, such as debris, gases or solids, from backing up into your water supply.

So what makes a water system backflow?

Low water pressure or even higher water pressure on a portion of the system can be enough to trigger a vacuum. This condition can force contaminated water back into the clean water. When a municipality backflow prevention assembly fails, you’ll be asked to boil all of your drinking water for the next 24-48 hours.

Testing is done to make sure the backflow prevention device is working properly. It consists of a full battery of diagnostics designed to measure and gauge how well your backflow prevention assembly works, and whether it remains up to your local legal codes.

Who can do backflow testing?

A plumbing company that’s specifically certified to conduct backflow tests. Companies who have their certification must renew their credentials to stay up-to-date on new requirements and policies that impact public drinking water, health and other important facts to help maintain local water systems.


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